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Measuring Your Success at an Exhibition

Attending business events and exhibitions can be a boost for firms of any size, but even if you have planned everything perfectly and invested in a high-quality exhibition stand design, how do you know if it was a roaring success or not?

After the last visitors have gone home, you need to turn your thoughts to how successful the exhibition was. Measuring the success of an exhibition can enable you to assess the return of investment and compare it to other marketing efforts. It can also let you look at ways to improve for future initiatives.

Know Your Goals
In order to measure your success at an exhibition, decide what you want to achieve by attending the event. Once you know what your goals and objectives are, you can look at ways to measure how successful you have been at achieving them. Try to make your goals as measurable and quantifiable as possible, such as acquiring a set number of leads, rather than vague objectives such as wanting to raise awareness. Bear in mind that you may need to set time scales to measure goals, as success may be determined much later after an event, particularly with conversion of new leads.

During the event, capture information about the numbers of visitors to your stand and any other information you can glean. Consider asking visitors to fill out a short registration form. Following the event, you may be able to make a comparison of who visited your stand against how many people attended the event or how many people you personally invited.

Quality Leads
Hopefully, you will have gained lots of leads from attending an exhibition, but success can often be measured on the quality of the leads rather than the quantity. Following the event, you should assess the leads you got and rate them according to how likely each contact is to become a potential customer. Always follow up leads within a matter of days after an event so you do not miss out on any new business opportunities.

Do not be afraid to ask visitors to your stand for feedback, whether by asking them questions or filling in a short survey. From aspects such as how well they rated your exhibition stand design to what they liked the most or least, and how your stand could be improved, you can gain a lot of useful information from the people who visit you. As well as assessing success, it can provide insights in how to make changes for future exhibitions.

Success Factors
There are a number of factors that can influence the level of success of your exhibition attendance, so if you pay attention to these you can increase the positive outcomes and help achieve your goals. An exhibition that has been well planned and has been effectively promoted in the right places to the right people, whilst making use of eye-catching exhibition stand design to draw attention, can help to boost success levels.


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