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Tips for Live Social Media Success at Exhibitions

There can be little doubt that social media is the dominant force today as far as marketing is concerned. Its potential is almost limitless, offering as it does the widest audience that a business could wish for, in addition to plenty of opportunities for connecting with customers on a more personal basis. Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are excellent tools for publicising upcoming appearances at trade show events and have now arguably surpassed email campaigns in terms of effectiveness. However, your use of social media should not stop when your exhibition stand designers have finished their work and you are all set to exhibit. Utilising social media live at the event itself can be highly lucrative if done effectively.

Here are a few simple tips for successfully updating your social media channels while exhibiting at a trade event.

Be Consistent

It is important when updating your Facebook status or tweeting live from an event that you use a consistent voice. For this purpose, it is probably best to choose just one person on your team to be your social media ambassador for the day. By utilising a number of different writers, you are in danger of losing your identity and confusing your audience. Be clear and concise with your message, and stay true to the brand image that your exhibition stand design company have helped you create.

Link Everything Together

Many businesses now have a blog on their official websites. If you have decided to write live blog updates during an exhibition, be sure to post links back to it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This will not only increase the size of the audience reading your blog, but will also hopefully lead to your site climbing the Google search engine rankings as a result.

Take Plenty of Pictures

Posts on Facebook and Twitter which have a photograph attached generally attract far more attention than posts which consist solely of text. A great photo can tell a story far more effectively in a shorter space of time than even the best-written social media update. If you want to give your audience a real feel for the event, then a well-taken photograph is by far the most effective way of doing it.

Remember Your Business Goals

While your social media updates need to be interesting, engaging and fun to read, it is important to remember the reasons why you are there at the trade event. Every business should have goals that they wish to attain at exhibitions, and your social media activity should be just one of the ways you achieve them. Each new Facebook status, blog update or tweet should ideally have an ulterior motive – namely the winning of as much business for your company as possible.

Finally, it is important to strike a balance between keeping your audience updated and not bombarding their social media timelines with too much information Space your updates apart to avoid overkill.


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