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Five Reasons Why Every Business Should Consider Exhibiting

While many businesses across the country have reaped the benefits of exhibiting at a trade show at some point in their existence, there are an equal number who shy away from attending these events. Perhaps it is a sense of trepidation as regards the potential costs involved in such a venture that puts some companies off the idea of appearing at an exhibition. After all, there is no guarantee that those initial costs will be recovered, so why take the risk?

Basing a decision solely on cost is perhaps a simplistic view. There are a number of compelling reasons why every business should consider exhibiting at a trade show, even if it is for a one-time deal only. Here are five arguments in favour of exhibiting at a trade event.

1. Building Brand Awareness

As every business owner knows, building a true brand is not something that can be done overnight. Rather than being created from a single vision, brands are formed gradually over time, slowly seeping into the public consciousness. Once that brand is fully formed, the next job is to raise awareness.

Trade shows represent the perfect opportunity of raising awareness of a business and brand among a captive audience of people who matter. With a carefully planned exhibition stand design which captures the spirit of the brand in question, there is perhaps no better form of targeted marketing than a trade show.

2. Generating New Leads

The majority of attendees at trade exhibitions are decision-makers within their relevant organisations, making such events ideal for generating a lot of new business. Exhibition attendees are there for a reason, and it is not to simply admire the exhibition stand design. They are there because they are actively seeking information on new products or services, making them the perfect captive audience.

3. Monitoring the Competition

With so many similar businesses all converging in one space, an exhibition is the ideal opportunity to gain an insight into the activities of competitors. This competitor intelligence can prove to be invaluable for companies looking to move forward by putting their own unique spin on ideas and strategies which are proving successful for others.

4. Building New Business Relationships

Businesses that exhibit at trade shows also get the valuable opportunity to be attendees too. Rather than simply widening their customer base by gaining new leads from visitors, exhibitors can also forge mutually beneficial business relationships with some of their fellow exhibitors in attendance.

5. Building Valuable Customer Trust

There can be no better way for a business to gain the trust of its customers than by meeting them face to face. While targeted email shots and cold-calling are useful for generating a certain amount of new business, these methods lack that all-important personal touch. By engaging in meaningful dialogue with existing and potentially new customers at trade show events, the seeds of trust are planted for what will hopefully become a long and prosperous business relationship.


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