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How Small Exhibition Stands Can Stand Out in the Crowd

It may be an old adage, but it so often rings true: bigger is not always necessarily better. This can often be the case when it comes to exhibition stands, as many beautiful things come in small packages. While some exhibitors trade from smaller stands by choice, others are forced to adopt them because of budgetary restrictions out of their control.

Whatever the reason for asking your exhibition stand contractor for a smaller stand, there are many ways you can still ensure that you stand out from your competition. By realising the potential of your stand and maximising every little nuance, there is no reason why you should not pull in the same sizeable crowd attracted to far larger trading pitches.

A Unique Design to Convey Your Message

One of the most tried and tested ways of capturing the attention of visitors to an exhibition is by ensuring that your stand is aesthetically unique. Many of the most memorable stands have been custom-designed and built around the USP of the exhibitor in question. A good exhibition stand contractor will work with customers to build a unique profile of just what the business is all about and subsequently convey this with the design of the stand. A well-designed small stand that employs a distinct look will win out against a large but bland stand every time.

When it comes to the signage attached to smaller stands, the most effective policy is to keep it simple and clear. Text and graphics should ideally be on the larger side and positioned in the upper reaches of the stand to ensure maximum visibility above the heads of the crowd.

Less Can Definitely Be More

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when setting up shop with a smaller exhibition stand is to keep it simple in terms of what you display. Less is most definitely more in these circumstances. Space will already be at a premium anyway, so filling that limited space with furniture, display stands and company paraphernalia will only serve to make things look crowded. It may also seem to many visitors that you are trying too hard to impress.

To avoid confusing your potential customers, try to ensure your stand features only the elements which are absolutely necessary. The trend for digital interaction at exhibitions will work in your favour here, with a range of tablets not only taking up less space but also lending a sleek, modern feel to your stand. The aesthetic appeal of your small exhibition stand will also be greatly enhanced by the addition of modular furniture and display counters to create a neat uniform look.

Exhibiting from a small exhibition stand can prove to be just as effective as using a larger pitch. It just means that you need to work harder and smarter in the initial planning stages in order to stand out from the rest of the competition.

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