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The Power of the Promotional Giveaway

In this age of economic austerity, everyone is happy when they get something for nothing. No matter how small that something may be, whoever is on the receiving end is more than likely going to tell their colleagues, friends and family about it. As all of the very best market professionals know, word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of marketing. At the very least, it means that people are talking about your business.

Creating a Buzz

When it comes to exhibitions, promotional giveaways can prove to be highly effective tools in the battle to stand out from the crowd. While the visual aspects of your stand are taken care of by your chosen exhibition stand designers, your part in the process is to think of further ways of attracting custom and then gaining a positive outcome when people actually visit your stand.

Offering people the chance to get something for nothing is a tried and tested way of creating a buzz about a brand. The freebies that you offer do not even necessarily have to be that exciting. It is all about getting your brand name in front of a wider audience. However, it is worth remembering that, more than likely, you will not be the only exhibitor offering promotional giveaways. The more creative you can be with your free offering, the better the chance you have of attracting a larger number of visitors to your stand.

Thinking Outside the Box

The standard giveaway package usually consists of items bearing the company’s brand name such as pens, notepads and key rings. In today’s technologically advanced society, some of these more old-fashioned items could be replaced with the likes of USB sticks, phone cases or stylus pens. T-shirts and caps always prove to be great giveaway items too, but you need to be careful that you do not spend too much money on their creation. While the aim is to spread awareness of your brand, the exercise may prove futile if you end up spending more on promotion than you actually make in return.

Thinking a little more outside of the box, you can enjoy the benefits of a promotional giveaway without necessarily having to offer people something physical. Access to Wi-Fi is an essential part of being able to conduct business on a remote basis, yet gaining this access is not always that simple. Why not promote the fact that your stand is offering free Wi-Fi access for all visitors? In return, you could ask people to register their email address with you – a very handy exercise for future email marketing efforts.

When consulting with your exhibition stand designers prior to the exhibition, also make sure your stand will include space for interactive tablet displays.

Although a well-designed exhibition stand will always get you noticed, you still need an extra edge to put you above the competition. A well-thought-out promotional giveaway campaign could be just the thing to place your brand a step ahead of the rest.


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