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Setting a Budget for Your Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibiting at a trade show can prove to be a highly lucrative experience for businesses. After all, exhibitions provide the perfect opportunity to increase awareness of your brand and put your business name right there in front of a captive audience of prospective clients. There is perhaps no better way of gaining such a large number of new business leads in so short a time period. However, before booking your slot at the very next exhibition marked on the calendar, it is always a good idea to work out just how much it is going to cost.

When setting a budget for a trade show, it is not always that straightforward to estimate just how much everything is going to cost. There are a number of costs which do not always immediately come to mind. The simplest thing to do is to break things down into two areas – fixed costs and flexible costs.

Fixed Exhibition Costs

Basically, fixed costs are those that you have little control over. The most obvious cost on this list is the charge for your allotted pitch in the exhibition hall. This will vary, of course, depending on the venue and how prime the pitch is considered to be. Spaces near the entrance and exits are generally a little cheaper, as a lot of traffic tends to just pass by these areas without stopping. However, by choosing your exhibition stand design company wisely, a superbly designed stand can still attract an audience, even in less prime areas such as these.

Flexible Exhibition Costs

Unlike the fixed variety, you have a little more leeway with flexible exhibition costs. For instance, just what kind of stand you exhibit from is very much dependent on your goals for the show. Working closely with your exhibition stand designers, you should be able to determine what proportion of your overall budget will be allocated to the stand itself.

If you have a particular concept behind your brand which you would like to focus on at the trade show, then a custom-built stand would probably be the most appropriate. This is particularly true if the exhibition hall itself is on the large side. Conversely, if the overall floor space in the venue is a little limited, then a shell scheme stand may work better. Shell scheme stands are ideal if your budget is limited.

Staff costs are also very much within your control, and it is important to strike the right balance here. While you do not want to over-spend in this area and have people standing around with nothing to do, it is equally important to ensure that your stand is adequately manned so that clients are not left waiting for service.

Deciding on a budget for exhibiting at a trade event is not always straightforward. However, if you have an ultimate goal in mind and know exactly what you want to achieve from the show, the process should become a little easier.


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