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The Last-Minute Exhibition Preparation List

As we have mentioned in previous posts, thorough planning is vital for a successful exhibition. Detailed master plans which include objectives, goals, staff briefs and exhibition stand design working agreements are a necessary requirement for enjoying a fruitful and profitable exhibition experience. However, even with the most intricately detailed plan in place, there is still always room for a few things to go awry at the last minute. At times such as this, a last-minute preparation list could save the day.

The Technical Dry Run

It may be a cliche, but the old adage ‘practice makes perfect’ still rings true today. Depending on the size and style, your exhibition stand design company will more than likely assemble your stand for you at the exhibition hall. If you have a smaller, less complicated stand, it may well be the case you put it up yourself. Either way, check the finished result for any blemishes which may spoil the overall aesthetic appeal, and ensure that all electrics are working as they should be.

The Team Dry Run

Once the stand is complete, it is a perfect time to bring your exhibition staff together. By familiarising themselves with the layout of the stand, it means they will be fully prepared for when things go live and visitors hopefully start pouring in.

By holding a team briefing on the day before the exhibition goes live, you can ensure that the information you impart to your staff is fresh in their minds. This final briefing is the most opportune moment to once again discuss what time everybody is expected to arrive on the big day, what their initial duties will be on arrival and what the standards of behaviour will be. For instance, you may not wish for people to have their mobile phones on their person while working on the stand. Additionally, it is also a good idea at this time to reiterate the company’s objectives for the exhibition and what the ideal strategies are for achieving a positive result.

The Contingency Kit

A prepared exhibitor is a relaxed exhibitor. Hopefully, your exhibition will run smoothly, with no need to access an emergency supply kit. However, you never quite know what is going to happen. Having a contingency kit to hand could possibly save your exhibition from disaster.

If you are using banners and posters on your stand, then a good supply of spares is a must for your exhibition contingency kit. Most modern exhibition stands have some form of digital interaction available for visitors. Having spare tablets on stand-by just in case will mean your stand will remain the epitome of professionalism should any breakdowns occur. If you can’t decide whether to include an item in your contingency kit, err on the side of caution and put it in anyway.

With a detailed plan worked out well in advance and a last-minute preparation list in place, your chances of enjoying a successful exhibition have just increased significantly.

To find out how EXD Limited can help you prepare in advance, please contact us.


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