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How to Ensure Success When Exhibiting Abroad

The beginning of the year is traditionally a time when the thoughts of most people turn to the question of where to take their holidays over the coming months. Before the Christmas festivities are even over, the countless advertisements on television, radio and in print for great deals on holidays abroad start in earnest. In the world of exhibition stand design, the focus may not be on actual holidays, but travelling overseas is becoming a larger part of the overall equation each year.

The rise of many developing countries across the world has given businesses in the UK another avenue in which to expand. Building initial relationships with potential new business partners overseas can be a tricky and rather delicate business. However, there is little doubt that one of the best ways of making a great first impression is by hosting a stand at an exhibition. Exhibiting abroad can be very different to exhibiting in the UK, so there are a number of things to be aware of before confirming your attendance at such an exhibition.

Plan Ahead

Thorough planning should be undertaken whether you are exhibiting in the UK or abroad. However, there are many new considerations which need to be looked at when it comes to an overseas visit. Of course, one of the initial concerns will be how to ship all of the materials you require to your destination. Make sure you factor in various time scales, such as travel time, show deadlines and also the build time for your stand. Keep in constant contact with your exhibition stand design company to ensure that this part of the operation runs as smoothly as possible.

Try to allow for as much extra time as you can when it comes to the physical shipping of your stand and other materials. There are many factors which can cause unfortunate delays, such as customs regulations, mechanical breakdown or even just plain bad weather, so be prepared beforehand.

Respecting Local Culture

A promising business relationship can be severed before it has even begun by not being fully aware of the various cultures and customs of the country you are exhibiting in. Make sure you have acquainted yourself fully with the local culture beforehand in order to avoid any potentially embarrassing mistakes. Even the simple act of shaking hands is frowned upon in certain countries, so be sure to do your research.

Although the majority of exhibitions held overseas will see English spoken fairly widely, it can never hurt to learn a little of the local language in order to impress visitors to your stand. Even if you only conduct a small portion of the conversation in your client’s native language, the effort you have shown to learn it will usually lead to those clients holding you in much higher regard.

Exhibiting abroad, particularly for the first time, can be quite a daunting experience. However, by planning each detail and conducting thorough research beforehand, it can be a rewarding and highly lucrative venture.

If you are exhibiting abroad, EXD Ltd is the only partner you need to help you plan your project and see it through to completion.


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