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Using Social Media to Promote Your Exhibition Appearances

Social media is the 21st-century way of reaching out to a wide audience. From a marketing point of view, the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn are an absolute dream. As a business, it is simply essential that you harness the power of social media to promote your products and services. When it comes to exhibitions, using social media to advertise your presence in the weeks leading up to the show is a must. While your exhibition stand designers take care of the visuals, you need to get busy marketing the event on your social media platforms.

Plan Ahead

The majority of exhibition marketing strategies will now incorporate a social media plan in the overall structure. Ideally, your social media outline should be detailed and leave nothing to chance. Rather than simply taking it as it comes and posting updates as and when they are thought of, a timeline should be created. This should consist of firm dates for social media posts to be activated and details of the exact content for each post too. If you have a social media ambassador in your company, try to give the lion’s share of marketing work to them. Alternatively, limit the number of people involved, as your social media presence may start to look inconsistent and confused.

While it is essential that your social media posts contain all the information relevant to your exhibition appearance, such as the times you will be there and the kind of things people can expect to find at your stand, it remains important to ensure the same posts are also engaging. Dull list-type posts will get you nowhere. Your content needs to be the kind that people will happily share with others, therefore expanding your reach.

Another excellent way of widening your audience is to join various relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. This will put you in front of people who may not have otherwise known of your existence. Once again, ensure that your posts within these groups are engaging, and try not to come across as a spammer.

At the Exhibition

Once exhibition day arrives, it is important to maintain your active presence on social media. The majority of people now use Facebook, Twitter and the like while on the move, and thus many of the exhibition attendees will be doing just that. Assign someone to look after your social media channels at the event so that your company can post updates and also respond to any messages that may be received. You could also take the opportunity of giving your exhibition stand designers a plug too!

By making yourself known to a wider audience before an exhibition even gets under way, you stand a much better chance of attracting a larger number of potential customers to your stand. Social media has changed the marketing world beyond all recognition, so make sure that you take advantage of the many great benefits that this modern-day phenomenon offers.


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