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The right exhibition stand for the right environment

As an exhibitor, it is highly likely that you will find yourself in a myriad of different environments over the course of a marketing year. The variety of events could mean you are under the roof of a vast exhibition hall one week and out in the bracing fresh air the next. All good exhibition stand designers will tell you that ensuring you have the right stand to suit the conditions is key to continued success.

Although the environments you find yourself in, and indeed the type of stands that you use, will differ greatly, there is one factor to successful exhibiting which remains constant. That factor is ensuring you are always seen by visitors. If you simply blend in with everybody else, visitors are likely to stroll past without giving you a second glance. One of the best ways of drawing attention at smaller exhibitions and events is to use one of the exhibition world’s most flexible tools: the pop-up stand.

Well-designed pop-up stands offer an excellent backdrop and can help you succeed in drawing attention to your company and what it has to offer. Simple designs are often the most effective, focusing attention on your brand name and the key message that you wish to purvey. What makes pop-up stands so versatile is the fact that replacement graphics can be attached to the main frame. This means that your exhibition stand designers can change your overall look for a fraction of the cost that you would normally expect to pay, and in double-quick time too.

Although it is seldom an issue at major exhibitions held in dedicated exhibition halls, space can often be at a premium when attending smaller events. In cases such as this, banner stands are an ideal solution. As they are so simple to set up, many businesses will utilise banner stands at venues such as supermarkets and garden centres, where the ‘set up and go’ tactic is very much the order of the day. Banner stands are also perfect for use at outdoor events. In a similar vein, folding display boards can be an effective tool for the smaller exhibition, particularly when used in conjunction with display tables bearing your marketing literature.

Speaking of exhibiting outdoors – attaching a marketing flag to your stand is one of the most effective ways of alerting event visitors to your presence. The general line of sight of people attending a crowded outdoor event tends to be lower, meaning that quite often all many visitors can see is the back of other people’s heads. A large flag fluttering high in the sky and proudly bearing your company brand is a sure-fire attention-grabber.

Wherever you may happen to be exhibiting, the overall goal remains the same: getting as many people as possible to visit your stand. Without visitors, there are no leads, and without leads, there is no business. By choosing the right stand for the right environment, you will only increase your chances of success.


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