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How to Trade Successfully in the Great Outdoors

Even though the United Kingdom has never exactly been renowned for the reliability and pleasantness of its climate, there are still many occasions when you may need to set up an exhibition stand outdoors. Although your overall goals and main marketing message remain the same whether you are exhibiting indoors or outdoors, there are a number of factors to take into consideration when setting up outside. Here is a brief guide to successfully surviving an outdoor exhibition event in the great British summertime.

Prepare for All Eventualities

Even meteorological experts cannot always successfully predict what the weather is going to do in the UK from day to day. It is often a guessing game, which invariably ends up with the wrong guess being made. A day which begins with clear blue skies and glorious sunshine can sometimes end with torrential rain coming down in sheets. The only way to successfully survive an outdoor exhibition is to prepare for all eventualities.

A good exhibition stand contractor will always ensure that your outdoor stand has suitable weights to eliminate the possibility of it blowing away. Strong weather-proof fabric is also a must, even in the summertime. This is the United Kingdom we are talking about, after all.

While rain will often put a dampener on proceedings, both literally and figuratively, it can also sometimes work in your favour. Visitors will be desperate to seek shelter from the inclement conditions. Where better to do so than in a sturdy, weatherproof exhibition stand with plenty of floor space? This could be your opportunity to garner a little extra custom, so make sure it is not a wasted one.

Visual Strategy

The aesthetic qualities of outdoor exhibitions differ greatly from those which take place inside. The natural eye-line of people attending an outdoor event is naturally drawn higher than if it were under a roof. Make sure your signage is located at a slightly greater height and take advantage of props such as flags which capture the attention from a grater distance. A branded flag fluttering proudly in the breeze is a great attention grabber.

Remain Active

Even if your exhibition stand contractor has out-performed expectations with the design and construction of your outdoor stand, it will all count for very little if the staff manning it look miserable. Cold weather can adversely affect a person’s mood, so ensure that everybody on your stand has plenty to do all day. Make a contingency plan just in case of cold weather, and prepare some active tasks to keep people busy. Further promote your brand by kitting out your staff in warm clothing too.

While exhibiting at an outdoor trade fair requires a different approach from those held indoors, the ultimate goal for your company remains the same: to increase your business. By tailoring your strategies to suit, you can ensure your great outdoor adventure is a successful one no matter what the British weather decides to throw at you.


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