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How to Make the Most of Your Exhibition Time

Trade exhibitions present both opportunities and potential stumbling blocks. On the one hand, you have a captive audience in the room, an audience that already possesses an interest in what you have to offer. However, on the flip side, you also have a significant number of competitors around you, all looking to capture the same business. With these factors in mind, just how can you ensure the time you spend at a trade exhibition is as productive and profitable as possible?

Much of the perceived success or failure of your trading time at an exhibition comes down to the stand itself. Effective exhibition stand design is absolutely vital to success. The aesthetic appeal of your stand will determine how many customers will actually be enticed to visit during the course of the day. It is very similar in most aspects to the retail marketplace. Shops which possess limited aesthetic qualities will struggle to survive against stores which look striking to the naked eye. It is all about the visuals.

Don’t be afraid to be bold in your approach to your stand. Think of the last time you attended an exhibition as a visitor. It is highly likely that the stands which attracted you and the majority of other attendees were big, bold and unashamed to stand out. Being bold and being creative are not mutually exclusive. Creativity in exhibition stand design is a sure-fire way of attracting more visitors. Clever use of lighting and the addition of digital pictures on curved display surfaces are just two ways of embracing and utilising the technology that is available today.

While it is important to be seen to be using advanced technology in your stand design, try to avoid being over the top. Annoying strobe lighting effects and music played at an inordinately high volume will only result in a rush of people wishing to get as far away from your stand as possible. Try to inject a little subtlety into your bold approach.

When you are considering how best to present your company at a trade exhibition, it is important to never abandon company values. Remaining true to your brand is just as vital as being noticed. By going against the grain, there is a very real danger that the footfall attracted to your stand will not be relevant, resulting in wasted time and lost opportunities. After all, what is the point of being the main attraction in the exhibition hall if the customers have no interest in what you have to offer?

Exhibitions are the ultimate pop-up shop scenario. Just like the shops which suddenly appear in the high street during the festive season and then quickly disappear, exhibitors only have a very limited window of opportunity to attract new business. Spend time creating a detailed plan of attack and be sure to include every minor detail. When the time then comes to put that plan into action, you will be better prepared than most of your competition.

So, whether you are exhibiting at a trade fair, or looking at enhancing the interior of a cafeteria, reception area or other commercial or retail space, EXD is the only partner you need to help you plan your project and see it through to completion. Contact us today.


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