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The Benefits of Using Digital Marketing at Exhibitions

There can be little doubt that modern-day society is dominated by social media. Whether in a business environment or a leisure setting, the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hold a great deal of power. As technology continues to advance, the mechanisms by which social media channels can be accessed seem to be growing exponentially. At present, smartphones and tablets are the most popular ways of accessing the internet and therefore social media pages. As an exhibitor, embracing digital marketing with open arms can enhance your sales performance at exhibition events. It is most certainly a testament to the growing effectiveness of the digital medium that exhibition stand designers are including facilities for the required technology on an ever more frequent basis.

Presenting a Number of Advantages

One of the great advantages of conveying your main marketing message via digital means is the space saving that can be achieved. Hard copy sales literature not only takes up valuable space but can also rather spoil the aesthetic appeal of your exhibition stand. By having a selection of tablets available which people can browse at their leisure, you can hopefully increase your sales performance and, at the same time, have an exhibition stand that oozes style and sophistication. The majority of exhibition stand designers will now allow space for the inclusion of a range of tablets or smartphone devices.

A Foundation for Building Trust

It is quite conceivable that a number of visitors to an exhibition may not be aware of your company or brand. While sales leaflets and catalogues can provide a host of information, you can’t quite escape the feeling that this type of marketing seems a little old hat. It is certainly no substitute for visitors being able to browse a company website or official social media pages to really get a handle on the company with which they are considering doing business. With open access to your digital presence, potential customers have a solid foundation for building the trust that is essential for either a lucrative business partnership or even just a simple sales transaction.

Another major benefit for going digital on your exhibition stand is the increased speed by which you can work and process vital information. This is particularly beneficial for those whose business requires the generation of leads. The information that needs to be captured for lead generation is often quite lengthy and it can be quite laborious if handling it the old-fashioned way using pen and paper. Inputting data on to a tablet is far quicker and easier. The information processed can also be used straight away, rather than having to wait for it to go through the lengthy hard copy paper chain.

Driving Your Business Forward

Digital marketing is not the future; it is very much the present. Businesses which fully embrace the many advantages that today’s technology can bring are giving themselves a far better chance of exhibition success than those who are reluctant to move with the times.

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